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My name is Jesse Sanchez .I am from mesa AZ . Lived here all my life .I am 33 yrs old with 3 wonderful kiddos . I Started exploring photography in early 2008 , No schooling , Just the passion to learn, and a huge interest in life along with the ART, Emotion , and Love for photography.I recently started exploring video mid 2011 .Its my passion and talent that thrives me to capture the best in life and express my love of art to the world . This is where i post my most recent photos that i take as the days of my life as a photographer / videographer unfold . My most special and heart felt Photos will be posted here randomly . I also post links to people i work with to support others and there passions in life as they do mine . Thank you very much to all my supporters ,and every one who takes the time to review my work . It is greatly appreciated ! ( Dont forget to click to enlarge : ) )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Arizona Hip Hop Artist . " Lyrik "

   Lyric is an Arizona based raper originally from  Arkansas . This artist offers smooth flows to chilax to but also delivers the heat to the mic for the best of both worlds . I have watched him perform his talent several times and its always on point . Future plans involve a show at Club Red on June 24 .,Tv Interview in September, And internet radio interview on July 15 . Visit his web sight at  www.thelyrik.com for more insight. 

This photo right here is currently one of my faves as fare as creativity  and originality .  Im blown away by my own creationes sometimes and thats a great feeling .  Thank you to my photo fans for keeping the fire alive ! : )   you aint seen nuthin yet tho ha.    ( Click to enlarge  on all photos . )

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