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My name is Jesse Sanchez .I am from mesa AZ . Lived here all my life .I am 33 yrs old with 3 wonderful kiddos . I Started exploring photography in early 2008 , No schooling , Just the passion to learn, and a huge interest in life along with the ART, Emotion , and Love for photography.I recently started exploring video mid 2011 .Its my passion and talent that thrives me to capture the best in life and express my love of art to the world . This is where i post my most recent photos that i take as the days of my life as a photographer / videographer unfold . My most special and heart felt Photos will be posted here randomly . I also post links to people i work with to support others and there passions in life as they do mine . Thank you very much to all my supporters ,and every one who takes the time to review my work . It is greatly appreciated ! ( Dont forget to click to enlarge : ) )

Friday, June 17, 2011

Randome photos promised : )

 Photo 1 . Some panning that was almost right on . thumbs up ! : )

 Photo 2 . focus blur  +panning .  first try .  Zoom and pan at the same time while taking the shot . kind of cool lookin  

Photo 3. still long exposure to get motion on the rider.
i really like the color pattern  green,yellow,orange.
 Photo 4 .  A sleepy dog  . thats all i can say for this one .haha .  dreaming of milk bones probably .

Photo 5 .Older but one of my free spirited photos that i would like to share again for nature lovers .
 Photo 5.  Well every one has been runin round shooting this full /eclipse moon  i thought id take a crack at it  : )   . 

            Hope you enjoyed  : )     and remember to shoot for the moon   lol  

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