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My name is Jesse Sanchez .I am from mesa AZ . Lived here all my life .I am 33 yrs old with 3 wonderful kiddos . I Started exploring photography in early 2008 , No schooling , Just the passion to learn, and a huge interest in life along with the ART, Emotion , and Love for photography.I recently started exploring video mid 2011 .Its my passion and talent that thrives me to capture the best in life and express my love of art to the world . This is where i post my most recent photos that i take as the days of my life as a photographer / videographer unfold . My most special and heart felt Photos will be posted here randomly . I also post links to people i work with to support others and there passions in life as they do mine . Thank you very much to all my supporters ,and every one who takes the time to review my work . It is greatly appreciated ! ( Dont forget to click to enlarge : ) )

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wiz Khalifa / Big Sean Photos

  Im still high from this event  , ha  As in  photo high. 
  This night  was by far one of  my most exciting  Photo opportunity yet .  It started by  ( The wonderful )  NiqueHollywood  of  Corresponds2Her PR  Calling me up and saying get down to mesa amphitheater asasp.  I met her and Jeree out front .  Next thing
I know wer back stage  .  Nique talked to a few people and the night went great ! 


 Big Sean 
Big Sean

  You know who

 NiqueHollywood  , Wiz Khalifa, Jeree
 4,500 Fans !!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My eye for art . Its every where

  So i just skimmed through the photos of the Clarendon Hotel tonight and founf these . wow what a collection just in one night !!!  I love them all

 The top photo i too 4 building shots and arranged then in odd stacks  . fun
 these 2 plants just grabbed my eye
as i walked by . the blue lines pattern wise  mixed with black  then green lines
is a winner .

B&W  back in affect with these pasterns and  shapes above

then lines and  mind bender stairs  LOVIN THIS COLLECTION !!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Makeup Boo by Crystal Watkins

 Here are some photos i took  at the Fashion Show Charity Benefit for Multiple Sclerosis  .
 The  makeup artist is  Crystal Watkins  . Makeup is a huge passion of hers and she is real good at it too . I seen the models  when she was done and they all looked amazing 

If you need a Good makeup artist find her @      facebook.com/themakeupboo .
or   themakeupboo@gmail.com.

 I  Love this collage .  Has makeup artist written
 all over it .  Well....obviously   haha
 This photo is very clean and forward

 I really enjoyed working with this great group of people .

 Thank you to Dominique @ Corresponds2her  PR .
For giving me tho opportunity to be there .

 I have  specific model shots im working on for This blog that will be up soon  .  (ps  I realize the typo on the photos. corrections are being made  )   Well as i continue to mix up my field of photography,  as always this is where you'll see my progress : )

 Have a great one !!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Randome photos promised : )

 Photo 1 . Some panning that was almost right on . thumbs up ! : )

 Photo 2 . focus blur  +panning .  first try .  Zoom and pan at the same time while taking the shot . kind of cool lookin  

Photo 3. still long exposure to get motion on the rider.
i really like the color pattern  green,yellow,orange.
 Photo 4 .  A sleepy dog  . thats all i can say for this one .haha .  dreaming of milk bones probably .

Photo 5 .Older but one of my free spirited photos that i would like to share again for nature lovers .
 Photo 5.  Well every one has been runin round shooting this full /eclipse moon  i thought id take a crack at it  : )   . 

            Hope you enjoyed  : )     and remember to shoot for the moon   lol  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Arizona Hip Hop Artist ROB MAR .

WOW .Been shooting a lot of music artist this month as you can see . Im really taking a liking to this field of photography .  These 2 photos are of  "ROB MAR "  This Arizona native  is a very gifted lyrical artist . delivery is   bing bang boom  and complex at times with messages in every rhyme . I aint playin wen i say Rob can flow like ..............Well wen the  album drops you will see for your self . Another artist  ill back up to the fullest . Dope hooks ,rhymes and beats all in one .  Really bringin it with his heart and passion for music .

I been wanting to do this shoot for a long time and wen we did the video for Big Things (Available on i tunes) i had the opportunity  to snap behind the scenes witch was sooooo  much fun !! Got to work with you know who. ... Life is Grand.....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LV Sharp .Pop Singer

This young lady right here makes my ears ring every time i see her . Very strong and Amazing voice. Id put money on  her , up against  J-LO  in a live vocal performance any day . Great attitude  and has mad love for her fans . Thers no doubt in my mind she will be up there with the best soon .  : )  Putting AZ on the map for sure  .  She is currently  working on an album and will keep you posted  on any info on a release date . 
You can fallow her on twitter @lvsharp ,   facebook.com  ,  youtube.com.

I had the opportunity to take these awesome photos of  LV  during a video shoot for  "Rob Mar's "  BIG THINGS  video  . And a great pleasure to work around   John Colombo (video director from hollywood). Who actually blew me away with his very creative and  AMAZING  video talent.  I was VERY  inspired by his work  .   . So keep your eye out for LV Sharp .  Thank you .

Arizona Hip Hop Artist . " Lyrik "

   Lyric is an Arizona based raper originally from  Arkansas . This artist offers smooth flows to chilax to but also delivers the heat to the mic for the best of both worlds . I have watched him perform his talent several times and its always on point . Future plans involve a show at Club Red on June 24 .,Tv Interview in September, And internet radio interview on July 15 . Visit his web sight at  www.thelyrik.com for more insight. 

This photo right here is currently one of my faves as fare as creativity  and originality .  Im blown away by my own creationes sometimes and thats a great feeling .  Thank you to my photo fans for keeping the fire alive ! : )   you aint seen nuthin yet tho ha.    ( Click to enlarge  on all photos . )

Angel shoot

Not really sure what words to add for these photos . All i can think of is ....Beautiful  . Lingna is always such a pleasure to work with . Things are moving great and getting better every day

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shoe Fun

Was  hangin in down town mesa last night  with a few friends . I didnt know shooting   high heels could be so interesting and fun .  Really diggin the fashion part of these photos .  Of course i have to keep art in the mix .
 Whats nex purses  ??  ha   Lovin the design on these heels 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Somthing we all knowabout "Change" but i thought id share my view

  " My "understanding of change as in money. quarters, nickles,dimes,and penny's .

Chang to me is the very bottom of the barrel of money .Dollars, Greenbacks ,broken down into change.
 A lot of people depend on change just to get by in life to live day to day. Change is not as important to some people as it is to others . For that  3 cents or your 36 cents you got in your pocket, thers some one out there that depends on that to survive  sadly enough . Its that much closer to water ,a hot dog ,or a beer what ever it may be.There surviving and feeding  from the bottom of the barrel .

I my self have been in incidences where i depended on change to be able to get something  i needed  or something to eat or drink . How many of us stop to pick up that quarter on the floor with a little excitement
because  it put  Just " that much" more money in our pocket than we had  before you picked it up .It was only a quarter
 But yet i put us just  twenty five cents higher in our financial status  . Not much  BUT  it mattered ,and felt
as if moving slightly up towards more money .  Some people will pass a penny feeling its not worth it . But on a smaller level a child will glow wen they find a shinny new penny , because they just know its a bit closer to buying that bubblegum .  Or some people will be happy to be just one cent ahead in life.

On a larger level change can move the world . Million's of dollars in change  are collected in donation drop box's all over the world and have huge impacts on  cures and gives hope for organizations for good causes  .And chances are most of us toss our Change in there happily knowing it is going to a good cause
and with the understanding that we have to give in order to receive . Thats the way the universe works .

 Chang can be good if you have it to give . Chang can be a blessing if its all you got  .Change may be the bottom of the barrel but it keeps the world turning  by circulating round and round from one hand to another, from one state to the next  ,Into the next charity box, or to the next unfortunate hand  and out again .or maybe were just trying to save that last green back and keep a lil handy to hold on to that dollar just a little longer .

Jesse Sanchez.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beauty in trapeze

I was at the mesa art center today with my kids attending an event  . One of the shows That were being performed  was a few beautiful trapeze / yoga type of art  . The first trip i only took my wide angle lens and I was kicking my self in the but because  I couldn't get a close enough shot of the performers . As we wer going home Something kept telling me i need to Take advantage of the beautiful over cast day soft light and  Wonderful poses that i was seeing as we watched.  So i went home and grabbed my zoom lens and went back .

At first i thought they were done  for the day because  i didn't see them   . So approached one of the performers And asked if they were gonna perform any were soon .She said they were from Santamonica  California.But that there was one more girl to perform for the day. I was very Excited to hear that  .So i waited .

 She came out and  I started shooting .I shot from different angles  getting rid of distractions in the back grounds , Using the sun to my back and shot up wards to capture the over cast clouds  as a back drop .
 All white even cast made for a stunning white out back drop as the performer popped  out with great contrast . It almost  seemed Like she was posing for me  . But im sure it is routine positions of relaxation and peace  . She was totally at one with her self ,and with the Trapeze bar .  Ashe mover calmly and focused on feeling and technique .  I thanked them  and hurried home to see what i got . And oh how i am amazed with these photos!  Its ops  like this and experience that keep me fueled  to become greater and greater .

Thank you for your time . I hope you enjoy this round of photos : )

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Infinit Knowledge

In an empty book room i sit  gaining knowledge  through  keeping my mind open . Even tho there are no books , my knowledge is INFINITE  .When i chose to observe my surroundings in life  .